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Why should I buy instead of Rent?

Owning has many advantages

If you are buying a home, your are building equitty in that home
     and you are developing good credit.

You can deduct all the interest and taxes you pay on your home
     each year while you cannot deduct any rent payments.  The
    money that you save on the taxes can make it possible for
    you to purchase more house.

Your home is your investment in your future.

Why pay someone else's mortgage when you could be paying
    your own?

The home you buy will more than likely appreciate in value
    giving you a good return on your investment.

When you are ready to move "up", you will appreciate the
    equitty which you would have built up in your home.

There are many programs for 1st time home buyers and in most
    cases you can own cheaper than you rent.