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How much can I get for my present home?

The price you can get for your present home depends on the market in your area.  
The main factors in getting it sold are  -  listing price, condition and location.

List price is fair market value and should be determined by a professional Comparision
Market Analysis (CMA) which your Realtor will prepare for you.  All similar homes which
have sold in your immediate area in the past year will be considered and the 3 most like
your home will be used.      It is a serious mistake to over price your home if you are serious
about getting it sold.    

It is very important to have your home in top notch condition to sell.

Dress your house for success:
        Get rid of clutter
        Paint the exterior and interior if needed.
        Arrange furniture to make the rooms look spacious.
        Make sure that a lot of natural light is available and that rooms
             don't appear dark because of heavy window treatments.
        Make any necessary repairs
Have yard and landscaping well groomed
All home maintenance should be up to date (heating system, etc.)
Remember - you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Location is a factor which cannot be changed but can have a serious affect on value.  
If you have the largest home in the neighborhood, your price will be affected by all of
the lesser properties in the area.

If you have a smaller home than most in your area, your price will be enhanced by the
larger properties in the area.